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Fully preloaded

A fully preloaded system that is ready to use in 3 simple steps. Allows controlled delivery of a 3-piece IOL with a low risk of post-operative complications.

The 3-piece C-loop haptics are made from soft, flexible polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) to reduce the risk of breakage during insertion.

The lens is manufactured from the same foldable, aspheric, hydrophobic acrylic as the Avansee Preload1P.

Control by design

The AvanseePreset lubricated lining provides comfort and control during surgery by reducing the force required for IOL delivery.

Precision ensures results

AvanseePreset’s original design facilitates controlled lens unfolding and stability after insertion. The soft haptics have a large contact area, maintaining the shape of the capsular bag and reducing IOL misalignment.1

Proven long‑term safety

Over 1 million Avansee IOLs have been sold since 2007, with no reports of glistening and only 89 reports of adverse events (0.009%).2,3 The soft, flexible haptics reduce damage to the eye, while the smooth lens surface and square-edged platform are associated with a low incidence of posterior capsule opacification (PCO).4,5